7 Leadership Superpowers Summer Series

Master the leadership characteristics to thrive in a post-COVID world.

COVID-19 has redefined the way we lead our people and our organisations. While we will continue to need leaders who are inspiring, visionary, self-managing and self-aware, there are some of these extraordinary aspects of leadership that have now become non-negotiable. Informed by analysis of global thought leadership, research and best practice, this unique Summer Series will equip you with a deep understanding of seven leadership ‘superpowers’ and how to harness them in your day-to-day role.


Key course details

Duration7 x 70 minute webinars
Fee$770 (inc GST)
Certification1 CEMD Units of Credit The Certificate in Executive Management and Development (CEMD) is attained by accruing unit points through completing AGSM Short or Custom Courses and offers credits towards an MBAX, AGSM’s next generation online MBA
Start dateMore dates to be announced shortly

What you will learn

Following an extensive, global review, Dr Frederik Anseel, AGSM Scholar and Associate Dean, Research at UNSW Business School, has defined seven superpowers that will enable leaders to succeed in this new world. Rather than simply reinventing existing frameworks, these superpowers highlight the uniquely augmented characteristics of leadership that will make the difference between thriving and surviving following COVID-19.

In this unique series, you will work with Dr Anseel and a host of special guest commentators to master these ‘superpowers’ and understand how to apply them in the workplace.

  1. Digital Mastery: Understand and embrace the opportunities present by digital transformation
  2. Super Connector: Mirror the richness of face-to-face communication where information flows naturally in a digital world
  3. Moral Compass: Build enduring customer loyalty by eradicating ethical breaches
  4. Seeing Around Corners: Develop adaptability, predictive insight and resilience to navigate uncertainty
  5. Learning to Learn:  Become a super learner, ready to adapt and innovate in response to emerging challenges and opportunities
  6. Proactive Community Voice: Harness the power of the proactive community voice to take a stance in times of upheaval
  7. Becoming Human: Reaffirm the role of your people to build a stronger, cohesive culture

How you will learn

Over each 70 minute webinar, you will delve into the capabilities required of leaders to achieve mastery of each superpower, exploring the mindsets, traits and behaviours that will help you get ahead of the curve and thrive.

Each session will focus on how to own your super power by:

  1. Personalising the superpower
  2. Knowing what the superpower entails
  3. Understanding how to live by the superpower
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You will take part in 7 x 70 minute webinars, led by our panel of experts to develop an understanding of each superpower and the tools to translate that knowledge into action.



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Webinars will be held on Zoom and utilize Q&A and polls to create an interactive learning environment.

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